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Analyze “data” and obtain valuable “information” for making decisions

Application service platform dedicated to data analytics,”bodais”



What is

Various types of data analytics and over 300 analytics projects
led to the accumulation of a solid technology to create
an automaticallyevolving data analytics platform
with built-in machine learning feature.

Depending upon your data,
you can choose a particular analytics engine,
or mix and match several engines for your needs.

“bodais predicts the future
for all kinds of businesses”

4 Characteristics of bodais

Cloud Service Platform
dedicated to Data Analysis

As cloud services have become the norm, rather than just providing a single service, we can provide the customers with the service as a platform and make it easier to link with outside services and application systems of customers to create a new value from multiple angles and at a faster pace. With built-in machine learning feature, bodais can be used as an application service platform specialized in data analytics.

Application Services Provided for Different Analysis Objectives

The data that customers wish to analyze are varied, but many companies share some common objectives. For example, these include name card data, CRM data, SFA data, Web access log, and DMP data such as log data collected by marketing automation tools.
bodais has multiple application services that are immediately available for analytics according to the objective.

Link with Existing Application Systems

Many companies have multiple in-house application systems with a large amount of accumulated data. The companies wish to solve actual issues by analyzing such accumulated data. bodais provides an API that can respond to such needs. Without using an expensive analyzing software package, you just need to “connect” it to analyze.
You can immediately start using the service that predicts the future and not just analyzes the past.

Offering Software Development Kit to Cloud Service Providers

There is a great demand to analyze data accumulated on cloud services in order to predict the future. We provide software development kit to companies that provide application services in a cloud environment so that they can use the bodais platform.
Please contact us for more details.


bodais platform is a software platform designed specifically for data analytics. Using know-how amassed from over 15 years and 300+ data mining projects, we have created an easy-to-use analytics service.

bodais platform image

bodais Connect Service

Analytics Application Service for Various

bodais service SFA Analytics Application CRM Analytics Application ERP Analytics Application More to follow bodais Platform(Cloud Service)bodais service SFA Analytics Application CRM Analytics Application ERP Analytics Application More to follow bodais Platform(Cloud Service)

We provide connecters that link various cloud services to bodais platform,
together with dedicated analytics service.

Data accumulated on cloud application services can be analyzed using bodais to predict the future for each business.

What is your role and what are the issues in your organization?

bodais solves issues for different roles
within an organization through data analytics

Business/Business Planning

  • Real-time Management
  • Business Forecasting
  • New Business Planning

Sales/Sales Planning

  • Targeting
  • Improvement of Contract Rate by Increasing Efficiency of Sales Activities
  • Improvement of Negotiation Rate


  • Cost Effectiveness of Adverts
  • Creating Personas
  • Visualization of Recommended Product
  • Optimization of Customers’ Purchasing Activity

Maintenance Service

  • Attrition Prediction and Prevention
  • Prediction of Failure Occurrences
  • Streamlining Maintenance
  • Optimal Inventory of Replacement Parts

Customer Service

  • Effective FAQs
  • Management of Prior Expectations
  • Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimization of Outbound Calls

Human Resources/General Affairs

  • Securing Talent and Sustainment
  • Mental Health
  • Streamlining of Operations
  • Reduction of Waste and Cost

Customer Stories