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Social EC Site bodais

Welcome to bodais, an EC site for social DX and B2B.

bodais is a platform for your company to easily sell your products and services to your customers.

What Is bodais?

bodais= Bodaishin (“Buddhahood aspiration” in Japanese)+Dice (symbol of probability)

“bodais” is a word that expresses the origin of our company, meaning “listening to ways of new enlightenment by knowing and controlling many things that exist stochastically.”

In the AI era, based on the track record of more than 20 years as an AI specialized company, bodais provided the below services in order to check probabilities:

-HR -Training
-Data analysis
-System development
-First of its kind engine research

bodais was operated as a platform that provides services that cover these categories.

Entering the DX era from the AI era, bodais is now not only selling our own products but also as its further expansion, it allows:

-Selling B2B products of partners and affiliated companies
-Easily experiencing the DX of corporate business
-Developing your own apps
We have posted many real-use examples and products, so we are confident that our site can meet the needs of a wide variety of corporations.

Introduction to Scoring Engine App



  • i’s FACTORY

⃞Scoring Engine is the completely automatic, “no-code” analysis engine that works on the bodais Platform. It has perfect compatibility with system development.

⃞Scoring Engine Products, Technological Features, and Advantages
1. The programming for difficult analyses is done by data scientists. If the problems are the same kind, category integration, getting rid of multiple collinearities, etc. all of the actions carried out by data scientists are responded to completely automatically

2. Variable selection and the importance of variables can be easily determined.
If there are too many variables or if you are unsure of what to choose, bodais will determine the variable signifance levels as a result of the analysis.
It also helps humans decide on variable selection depending on the variable significance.

3. Subscribed and ready to use

4. Use the world’s best scoring engine.
Please compare it with the analysis of your in-house data scientist.
We are confident that you will be able to fully experience the convenience we offer.
Make sure to check out the introductory video below

This video introduces the flow of using the Scoring Engine.
It explains the scoring process for those who are wondering about what Scoring Engine is really like.
Make sure to take a look!

Introduction to CRISP-DM, a methodology for using data.

CRISP-DM Puts Data into Use for Business【CRISP DM Series】

Before data analysis implementation 【CRISP-DM Series ①Understanding the Business】

Gathering Data: Way of Thinking 【CRISP-DM Series ②Understanding the Data】

Gathering Data: Implementation 【CRISP-DM Series ②Understanding the Data】

Processing the Data【CRISP-DM Series ③Preparing the Data】

Analyzing the Data 【CRISP-DM Series ④Building the Model】

Actual Operation and Result Verification 【CRISP-DM Series ⑤Evaluation ⑥Deployment】

Introduction to bodais Basic App

bodais Basic App


  • Operating Company

⃞ bodais Basic App is necessary for being able to use the bodais Platform. The features of the bodais Basic App are:
-Creating a cutting edge HP by just inputting information
-Aiming to become the Amazon of B2B services!

⃞ bodais Basic App Products, Technological Features, and Advantages
It is very difficult to create your own HP. With this app, you only need to enter information in the provided form and your HP will be easily created on bodais.
After creating your HP, its maintenance takes effort. However, you only need to rewrite your information when it’s time to update.
You can link your own company’s HP on your bodais HP as an SEO measure.
This app is necessary for using other apps on bodais.

This video introduces the User Management App and its abilities.

Introduction to Sales App



  • Operating Company

⃞bodais Basic App users can sell their own products and services by using the Sales App.
Features of the Sales App are:
-Building products together with your customers, leaving out no needs
-Enormous profits with DX for only 10,000 JPY per month!

⃞ Sales App Products, Technological Features, and Advantages
It is necessary to carry out many things for attracting attention after creating your HP.
Search engine optimization (SEO) for ranking higher on search engines, advertising on Twitter or beautifying post formats,
or advertising on Google are hard to carry out by yourself.
Also, the speed of the times has increased and if you spend time on product development, you might become unable to respond to requests. Easily fixing product HPs while listening to your customer can be done on bodais Basic App.