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Support success for challengers who innovate the world

i’s FACTORY promotes your company’s DX.

i’s FACTORY has services for DX promotion.
You can carry out much more effective business activities by bringing in these services.
In particular, our feature is that you can build a custom engine for your company.

DX Supporting Services

Original DX supporting services of i’s FACTORY are introduced in 90 seconds. First, make sure to take a look at the video left.

20 Years of Experience as AI・Big Data Business


i’s FACTORY has extensive experience and achievements stemming from nearly 20 years of specialization in Big Data analysis and more than 800 projects spanning over 40 different data types.

Also, with its automatic data analysis platform “bodais”, we provide flexibility and high functionality by combining with other AI Engines (for Deep Learning, etc.).
Through these, we will evolve your business into future-predictive AI management.

Corporate Philosophy
Company Outline

Transaction Record with Many Companies

In the history of 20 years, we have received data analysis requests from many companies.

Voices of Our Customers
Real Use Examples

DX Supporting Services

Let’s introduce i’s FACTORY’s services.

1. AI Human Resources Development/Onsite Analysis
2. Data Analysis/Counseling
3. System Development/bodais Licenses
4. Analysis Algorithm Research/First of Its Kind Engines

Human Resources Development

Producing Necessary Human Resources for AI Projects

For DX success, management of AI projects is necessary. At i’s FACTORY, we develop AI Human Resources necessary for AI Projects.
We also carry out training, development, and onsite analysis support.
Having achieved training of over 3000 people and over 100 data scientists, i’s FACTORY will support your company’s AI human resources development with a practical and advanced curriculum unique to i’s FACTORY.

Products for Human Resources Development and Prototypes

Data Analysis

Reliable capabilities based on the experience of over 1000 data analyses

i’s FACTORY has many data scientists who are experienced data analysis professionals who can manage AI projects.
We have experience cultivated with over 1000 data analyses in 20 years, a wide variety of data handling know-how, and can provide support for various data formats. We are proceeding with data analyses that require little rework and are compliant with CRISP-DM that leads to business results.

Data Analysis Products and Prototypes

System/bodais (App)

Comprehensive Support for AI Systems such as DWH

i’s FACTORY is not just an analysis company.
We support a wide range of system development, starting from database building such as DWH, which are essential for DX success, data linkage via your existing system or via BI tools and API made by other companies, original analysis engine building, etc., to maintenance and operation.
Also, our company’s original analysis platform “bodais” allows anyone to easily build a machine learning function and can be easily used by anyone without needing any troublesome data preparation, complicated or high-level statistics and analysis knowledge.

System/bodais (App)

Technology Research (Analysis Algorithm Research/First of Its Kind Engines)

Giving Birth to First of Its Kind Engines

i’s FACTORY is a company founded mainly by science Ph.D. holders. Many are still currently enrolled.
One of the features of i’s FACTORY is its high research capability that gives birth to first of its kind analysis engines. We have been providing first of its kind analysis engines to the world through joint research with companies.

Products and Information Regarding Technology Research

Let’s Start with Simple Assessment Services

i’s FACTORY offers many DX support services, but in order for DX to proceed properly, it is necessary to understand your company’s situation correctly.
In order to do this, first, try out the “Simple Assessment Services Web Version”. Of course, it’s free of charge.

New Services

New Services, Cutting Edge of AI Development and DX Support

i’s FACTORY constantly sends out the latest information on AI development and DX support. We are also looking for people to participate in the trials for the analysis engines of our prototypes created from analysis engine research. Take a look at the Details page full of valuable information.

Recent Press Releases
The game version of Sontaku AI series is available (We are looking for people who have AI technologies that are Sontaku AI-applicable)

Other Press Releases 

Real Use Examples

Let’s introduce a part of Real Use Examples. Take a look at the Real Use Examples and Voices of Our Customers for more details.

Real Use Examples of AI Human Resources Development・Onsite Analysis

  • Copy Machine Manufacturer (Periodic AI Training)
  • Human Resources Dispatch Company (AI Human Resources Education)
  • Mobile Communication Company (Onsite Analysis)
  • Human Resources Services Company (Onsite Analysis)

Real Use Examples of Counseling・Data Analysis

  • Various Facility Management Companies such as Gyms (Issue Extraction via Counseling)
  • Web Services Operation Business (Sales Optimization Analysis)

Real Use Examples of AI System Development・bodais Licenses

  • Donation Organization (DWH Construction)
  • Telecommunications Business Operation Company (bodais On-premise Construction)
  • Credit Card Company (DM Delivery Optimization by bodais)
  • Construction Company (Hiring Decisions by bodais)

Real Use Examples of Analysis Algorithm Research

  • Advertising Agency (Cooperative Research on Marketing Mix Modelling)
  • Hedge Fund (Cooperative Research on Stock Price Movements Modelling)

Other Real Use Examples
Voices of Our Customers