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Message from CEO

Welcome to the World of Data.

Thank you for visiting our website.
I believe you, who have visited this page, have already some interest regarding data.

As big data becomes increasingly popular,
the world is now interested in how such data can be utilized.
Data scientist is also a word that became popular during the past several years.

If we look back into the evolution of technology, from the invention of typographic printing, people started to communicate their thoughts and intentions with paper as their vehicle.
Recently, with the spread of the Internet, people are communicating instantaneously with others beyond the seas.
In terms of devices, telephones used to be wired, but now they are wireless multicommunication devices that can transfer data and also have camera, audio, and game functions.

Personal computers, Internet, and smartphones; within the last decade, new devices were invented that changed people’s daily lives dramatically.

In terms of data, storage became slimmer, allowing a large volume of data to be stored; as processing speed increased, the environment for processing large volume of data instantaneously has become a reality.
Now is the time to face data and see the next technological innovation.

The evolution of technology and devices has dramatically changed the lives of consumers; in the arena of business transactions such as sales, production management, and material procurement, a change is taking place by replacing hunch and experience with a model and data.

In making data-driven business decisions, taking snapshots of ever-flowing data is already becoming a thing of the past.
The technological innovation currently taking place allows the user to observe all the data relating to the business and management to find signs of change and identify the measures to be taken. A series of such decision making is to go on continuously.

In cooking, people make a so-called recipe, a summary of the cooking procedure, so that the “taste” can be communicated to future generations.
Likewise in the world of production, we create a procedure manual called production specification and have been able to “improve production efficiency.”

Now we have an environment in which we can create a “recipe” to use data in all fields, including management, human resources, production, sales, marketing, and research and development.
Our job as engineers is to help create a recipe from the standpoint of data science and provide an environment to make good use of it.

This moment in which you found yourself interested in data is your trigger point of innovation. Please do feel free to contact us.
Let’s open the door to data together, and create the next history.