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Support success for challengers who innovate the world


Support success for challengers who innovate the world

Management Philosophy

A better future through Mankind’s wisdom


Human development is attributable to wisdom accumulated over generations and the creation of new knowledge. This great feature which is only particular to human beings (accumulation and creation of wisdom) is gradually shifting to cyberspace. Humans and computers need to build a better relationship, and it is necessary to use computers for the happiness of mankind.
Specifically, a system that integrates cyber space (virtual space) and physical space (real space) at a high level will create an era in which economic development and social problem solving can be implemented together. In order for improved utilization, we will promote Digital Transformation (DX) of each organization, company, society as a whole, and on a global basis while adhering to the “human-centered” seven principles of AI utilization.


  • Keeping our main mission and management philosophy in mind, fulfilling our social responsibilities, and conducting business and taking actions with sincerity
  • Constantly keeping up with the direction of social changes, enhancing the importance of our company for today as well as tomorrow, and maximizing genuine customer satisfaction
  • ‘Having a point of view based on ‘rules,’ ‘state of affairs’ and ‘thoughts,’ striking a balance in the short, medium, as well as long term, and moving ahead of others with optimal judgements
  • Constantly acquiring academic expertise with thoughts that utilize materialized abstraction, focusing on self improvement as well as other individuals and organizations
  • Strive to become competent at work first, then build a mechanism where everyone can become competent, so that it leads to a virtuous cycle.
  • Respecting others, improving ourselves with tireless efforts, and contributing to an organization whose appeal is all of its members’ caring for its goals and philosophy

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