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“Data Utilization Agreement” consists a part of Agreement including Our basic Agreement, “bodais AND bodais-RELATED SERVICES MASTER SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT” and becomes effective upon commencemente of the Master Subscription Contract.

Article 1 (Definitions)

  1. “Agreement” means “bodais AND bodais-Related Services Master Subscription Agreement,” “bodais Application Use Agreement,” and “Data Utilization Agreement.”
  2. “Contract” means a contract regarding Services entered into by Your offer with Your consent to this Agreement.
  3. “bodais” means services, Web site, and those systems operated online by i’sFACTORY co., ltd. and its functionalities, incidental services, and software provided in relation to bodais. bodais is Our registered trademark.
  4. “bodais Platform” means servers or physical equipment, functionalities of the internet communications, data, software to realize Services and the like prepared by Us for the purpose of providing Services that are specified by Us as platform.
  5. “bodais Applications” means software that operates on the bodais Platform.
  6. “Services” means all or any bodais services that We provide online and that are described in the Documentation.
  7. “Your Data” means electronic data and information saved in the Services by or for You, excluding Content and Non-I’s FACTORY Application.
  8. “Non-is FACTORY Application” means a Web-based, mobile, offline, or other software application functionality that is provided by You or a third party and interoperates with the Service.
  9. “You” or Your” means the company or other legal entity for which you are accepting the Contract and affiliates of that company or entity.
  10. “We,” “Us,” or “Our” means i’sFACTORY co., ltd. a Japanese corporation with its principal place of business at 1-23 Kandanishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Article 2 (Scope of Application)

  1. Agreement applies to a Contract and use of bodais Platforms and Applications.

Article 3 (Data Policy)

  1. bodais is a platform, which learns Data for the purpose of solving problems efficiently and for implementing a smooth user experience.
    Your input of Data into bodais through making IDs, using bodais and so forth enables Us to provide more advanced and accurate solutions to You.

Article 4 (Data Collected by bodais)

  1. Data, which bodais may collect in order to improve our Services include the following:
    1. IP address Information
    2. Login Information
    3. Terminal Information
    4. Cookies and Similar technology
    5. Your Data in each of the bodais applications

Article 5 (Method of Utilizing Data)

  1. We will be developing methods to provide value to You by developing Services that utilize Data in bodais, and so forth. If some Data is not in bodais, We, by mutual agreement between You who has the right of it and Us, can utilize it.
  2. We may analyze Your use of the Services for statistical purposes and release statistical results to the public. This is with the understanding, however, that We will take measures to prevent Your personal information or the combination of You and trade secrets from being identified.
  3. bodais may utilize the collected Data for the following purposes:
    1. Making analysis more efficient for You
    2. Improving the user experience of bodais
    3. Finding and defending from acts of dishonesty and other security risks in order to protect You and other partners
    4. Contacting other providers to report the history of use of Services and asking them to improve service if necessary.
    5. Fulfilling legal obligation of bodais
    6. Improving the Services of bodais
    7. Improving Services by a third party

Article 6 (Another Provider)

  1. In the event that You choose to use Non-i’sFACTORY Applications and the Services together and interoperability among them is needed, You shall permit US to access to Your Data of the Non-i’sFACTORY Application and its provider
  2. We will have no liability for disclosure, change or deletion of Your Data arising out of or in connection with access by Non-i’sFACTORY Applications or their providers.