What is your role and what are the issues in your organization? | us | bodais 中小企業支援DXプラットフォーム

bodais solves issues for different roles within an organization through data analytics.

Business/Business Planning

  • Real-time Management
  • Business Forecasting
  • New Business Planning

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Sales/Sales Planning

  • Targeting
  • Improvement of Contract Rate by Increasing Efficiency of Sales Activities
  • Improvement of Negotiation Rate

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  • Cost Effectiveness of Adverts
  • Creating Personas
  • Visualization of Recommended Product
  • Optimization of Customers’ Purchasing Activity

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Maintenance Service

  • Attrition Prediction and Prevention
  • Prediction of Failure Occurrences
  • Streamlining Maintenance
  • Optimal Inventory of Replacement Parts

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Customer Service

  • Effective FAQs
  • Management of Prior Expectations (During Search)
  • Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimization of Outbound Calls

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Human Resources/General Affairs

  • Securing Talent and Sustainment
  • Mental Health
  • Streamlining of Operations
  • Reduction of Waste and Cost

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