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Increase your future success and efficiency with data from the past.


Increase your future success and efficiency with data from the past.

Increase your future success and efficiency with data from the past.
Marketing strategy targets can be determined under time and budget restrictions such as DM and email delivery.
By using the bodais platform, easy and daily scoring is possible.

Customer Issues

  • Despite having a lot of data, not moving towards correct analysis
  • Not implementing highly accurate marketing measures that utilize data
  • Want to easily carry out data analysis (scoring)
  • Want to build models through more trial-and-error
  • Want to do much more data analysis

Service Outline

Scoring analysis is a method that predicts the probability of the new data obtaining a certain result based on the condition of being able to determine the target answers (“Yes”)/non-target answers (“No”) from the past data.

For example, from the data of customers who purchased products in the past, the probability of product purchase by a customer who recently made contact can be analyzed. By providing information to customers with high potential, the efficiency of sales activities is promoted. In addition to sales, it is used for various predictions in fields such as recruitment, DM delivery, consumption levels, etc.

At bodais, a method called multivariate analysis for data mining is used. Based on various data associated with customers (customer attributes such as age and gender, indicators related to purchasing, etc.), it is possible to quantitatively visualize which data items affect the target rate to what extent. As a result, from the information containing the new individual data, scoring can be used to determine how close the data is to the correct answer.

App Intro Video: Scoring Engine

This video introduces the flow of using the Scoring Engine.
It explains the scoring process for those who are wondering about what Scoring Engine is really like.
Make sure to take a look!

Appendix: About the Dataset Image

The image on the right is the dataset image produced by the bodais Scoring Engine.
(1) is the population to be analyzed and corresponds to customer ID etc. Set the definition of [1/0] as the target variable for what you want to predict in (2) in the rightmost column, and the factor you want to clarify in (3).

Appendix: About the Value Changes in bodais

In order to use an analysis tool, it is necessary to use a data format and settings befitting the tool. These are often unique to each tool. To note, bodais as a cloud service raises reliability by transforming all variables into numerical data.

Service Outline (Almost Unlimited Use of the Scoring Engine App)

In response to the requests from our customers, we have prepared a service that allows you to use bodais, which many customers already use, almost as much as you want.
Out of many apps offered by bodais, enjoy using the most popular “Scoring Engine” as much as you’d like.

Fees/Service Period (Almost Unlimited Use of the Scoring Engine App)

Target app: bodais Scoring App
Service content: 25 million rows per month (300 million rows per year)
Price: 500,000 JPY per month (6 million JPY per year) (includes the fee for 1 server)
*You can use the service faster and more comfortably by contracting a second server (additional 100,000 JPY per month).
Contract period: 1 year
Delivered goods: License key, manual, etc.
How to apply: Contact us using the “Inquiry” button below.
*All prices are without tax.

Real Use Cases

-Major credit card companies
-Major telecommunications companies
-Major general construction companies
-Major electric power companies
-Major HR companies
and many others.

Fees/Contract Period

Price: Starting from 10,000 JPY per month (Subject to change according to the number of analyses carried out in a month) 
*All prices are without tax.
*If you are interested in carrying out analyses without worrying about the number of rows, please check out the prices for the “Almost Unlimited Use of the Scoring Engine App”.
Contract period: 3 months (Automatic renewal)
*The contract starting date is the 1st of the month following the application, and payment is made in advance for 3 months.

During the contract period for the Scoring App, if the maximum analysis amount per month is exceeded once, the monthly fixed rate will change following the second time.
When a change occurs in the monthly fixed rate during the contract period, the payment has to be made for the remaining contract period, going back to the 1st of the month.

User Advantages

Free DX consultation

One free session for one hour

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