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This page introduces how to use the app and how to build an app.

Search and use the app necessary for your company in the bodais store.
Please register your own company’s app development in the “How to Build Apps.”
Please input your proposals for new mechanisms, etc. related to apps in the guide box (under the “Support” category).


The “App” page can be used as a product list of companies that want to incorporate products in this category into their own DX or as an advertising location for companies that have products in this category.
Please refer to this page for more information on the bodais Platform.


Companies with apps or information related to apps on bodais; companies that want to utilize such products in their own DX conversion

Information Classification Types

HR Development: Products or information related to the HR provision and development necessary for promoting DX conversion.
Data Analysis: Products or information related to the data analysis necessary for promoting DX conversion.
System: Products or information related to the system development or software necessary for promoting DX conversion
App: Apps or app-related information on bodais
Technology Research: Products or information related to the technology or research necessary for promoting DX conversion
Company Management: Products and information necessary for operating the company


Everything starting from the basics required for company management to specialized data analysis is provided here.
It is completely fine to use the services offered by our website or prepare your own. Also, it is also possible to use the app according to the time period and company size.
We would like to continue to provide many apps so that you can concentrate on your main business.
Apps can be also developed by each company.
Refer to how to develop apps here.

Steps for Using the App  

lFollowing the next three steps, you can start using the app right away.

1. Apply for the user management app.
Immediately after using the app, please enter your company information and publish the information. By including a URL, this information will also act as an SEO measure.

2. After inputting your own company’s product or service, it will be made public on the HP.
Try to input the information using as many words as you can. Add the words that are useful for the users.

3. Use the services and apps that meet the needs of your company.
By using the necessary services and apps, you can improve the efficiency of your company.

Expected Activities 

Refer to “How to Use HP.” 

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