Analytics for Solving Issues Per RoleSales / Sales Planning

Issue Solution Effect

By performing clustering analysis of your customers, the customers are grouped on the basis of their characteristics and personas are created.

You can understand your own market quantitatively and can create sales strategies that reflects needs of each customer segments.
Furthermore, the right customer journey map can be created to identify the companies which should targeted.
Improved Probability of Winning Opportunities by Increasing Efficiency of Sales Activities

Sales activities necessary for winning opportunities are visualized (and recommended) on the basis of customer attributes, past won opportunities’ data, and past sales activities data.
Furthermore, by building a model based on the past won opportunities’ data, the winning probability for each opportunities will be predicted.
Through this model, you can visualize which opportunity should be prioritized in your sales activities.

Move away from sales activities that rely solely on hunch and experience.
Standardization of sales activities can be achieved, and the efficiency of activities will increase greatly. In addition, the purchasing probability of customers can be predicted and, thus, their priority ranking will be visualized. As a result, opportunities can be managed properly, and unnecessary sales activities will be eliminated.
Increased Opportunities Arising From Leads A model is created on the basis of past won opportunities’ data, and this will help to find out the most suitable recommendations to be proposed to each lead. You will be able to find out the appropriate product to be proposed to each lead, regardless of the experiences of the sales team member.