bodais Automatically Evolving Data Analytics
Cloud Platform

Analytics for Solving Issues Per RoleCustomer Services/Call Center

Issue Solution Effect
Effective FAQs We morphologically analyze the past dialogue history (texts). In addition, we perform compound word analysis and other tasks to come up with the most appropriate FAQs. Prevent losing customers and improve customer satisfaction.
Managing Prior Expectations (During Search) We perform entry form optimization during the search to predict customers’ needs beforehand. Prevent customer disengagement and enhance their loyalty.
Improvement of Customer Satisfaction We perform frequency analysis of the past dialogue history (texts) and conduct real-time extraction of recommended answers. Prevent customer disengagement, improve customer satisfaction and enhance their loyalty.
Optimization of Outbound Call

By analyzing the past call history, a model is built to give the call recipients individual scores to visualize the likelihood of calls being connected and of their leading to actual purchases.

Maximize sales amount with limited staff and time.