Analytics for Solving Issues Per RoleMarketing

Issue Solution Effect
Cost Effectiveness of Advertisements The extent of the impact caused by various advertising activities, store-front sales activities, and other environmental changes such as seasonality and price fluctuations on sales of certain brand will be comprehensively quantified and visualized.
A “time series data that expressing each factors” and “model formulae that define the relation between those factors” are used to identify the impact level of each factors on sales. This analysis uses Marketing Mix Modeling, which is provided through Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc. and I’s FACTORY Co., Ltd. as the m-Quad® service.
You can build an optimized model for advertising and can optimize the allocation of adverting budget by calculating cost effectiveness.
Furthermore, the priority order in allocating your budget can be estimated.
Building Personas

Based on customer information, a model is built using the clustering method, and by performing an attribute analysis of customers in each segment, personas are created.

This enables you to predict the behaviors of leads within their customer journey, and help you to engage better.
Visualization of Recommended Products (Recommendation Analytics) Using customers’ purchase history data, the purchasing tendencies of loyal customers are analyzed, and recommended products are visualized for similar customers. The needs of individual customers can be visualized, and proposals can be made to them.
Optimizing Customer-Purchasing Activity

By analyzing the past direct mailing list and the response result, a model is created and response rates for each new DM recipients are predicted. Image: btn_dl..png

Cost effectiveness of direct mail marketing will improve considerably.