Analytics for Solving Issues Per RoleManagement/Business Planning

Issue Solution Effect
After sett Real-time Management (Data Driven Business
ing a clear objective for the analysis, analysis is performed across departments based on data accumulated in the company.
First, a model is built and analyzed per department or organization. Then, a corporate-wide model is created and analyzed.
However, one cannot escape from their “past” if only the data within the company are analyzed. By incorporating external data, you can make the best decision through analytics.
You can understand the relationships among the departments by data, build a system to visualize the issues, and realize the real-time management.
In addition, you can maintain your competitive edge utilizing data collected from a wide range of perspectives.
Business Forecasting Simply using BI tools will only let you know “descriptive” and “diagnostic” information.
By performing data mining and creating a data model for each business, you can get “predictive” and “prescriptive” information, with which you have much clearer picture of the future and what measures should be taken right now.
You are always one step ahead of oncoming risks and competitors.
New Business Plan

By matching your company’s CRM information with that of another company, you can find new potential customers.
If you use our technology, both companies can use the data without disclosing its customer information to each other. (International patent pending.)

You will be able to find new potential customers by forming alliances among companies belonging to different industries/segments.