Analytics for Solving Issues Per RoleMaintenance Service

Issue Solution Effect
Prediction and Prevention of Customer Attrition Possible future attritions are predicted by building an attrition prediction model based on CRM information and past attrition data. The causes of attritions are visualized to help come up with attrition-preventing measures.
Prediction of Failure Occurrence Failures of products and production facilities in the near future are predicted by building a model based on failure log and by applying recent operation result. Failures can be prevented (predictive maintenance), and consequently, customer satisfaction will be improved.
Using our product in an information system environment, “silent failures” that are difficult for system operator to notice, can be reliably detected.
Streamlining Maintenance

By analyzing maintenance log, the priority and effectiveness of inspection items are calculated, and recommendations of maintenance items that can be reduced will be provided.

Work efficiency can be improved by reducing various inspection items that are performed as routine checks.
Optimal Inventory Level of Replacement Parts Optimal inventory levels are predicted based on the inventory log. Demand for replacement parts can be predicted to optimize inventory.