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  • What is your role and what are the issues in your organization?

What is your role and what are the issues in your organization?

bodais solves issues for different roles within an organization through data analytics.

Business/Business Planning

  • Real-time Management
  • Business Forecasting
  • New Business Planning

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Sales/Sales Planning

  • Targeting
  • Improvement of Contract Rate by Increasing Efficiency of Sales Activities
  • Improvement of Negotiation Rate

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  • Cost Effectiveness of Adverts
  • Creating Personas
  • Visualization of Recommended Product
  • Optimization of Customers’ Purchasing Activity

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Maintenance Service

  • Attrition Prediction and Prevention
  • Prediction of Failure Occurrences
  • Streamlining Maintenance
  • Optimal Inventory of Replacement Parts

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Customer Service

  • Effective FAQs
  • Management of Prior Expectations (During Search)
  • Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
  • Optimization of Outbound Calls

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Human Resources/General Affairs

  • Securing Talent and Sustainment
  • Mental Health
  • Streamlining of Operations
  • Reduction of Waste and Cost

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