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bodais platform

bodais platform is a software platform designed specifically for data analytics. Using know-how amassed from over 15 years and 300+ data mining projects, we have created an easy-to-use analytics service.

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bodais platform-“The Six Values”

1.No In-House Data Scientist? No Problem!

Usually if you need to perform advanced analytics you need a data scientist with knowledges of statistics, computer science and business. bodais rids the need for a specialist to perform analytics.

2.Advanced Analytics at Affordable Prices

Often advanced analytics require a large investment and running cost-not with bodais! bodais platform is a cloud service available from just $99 per month.

3.Start Analyzing Right Away

Before analyzing, data must be prepared and cleansed, which takes time and effort. With bodais platform, simply upload the data and you can start analyzing right away.

4.Same results for everyone

Analytics tools or services often require advanced knowledge, and the results are dependent on the ability of the analyst. With bodais, everyone gets the same result.

5.Connect with Ease

We offer API so that the data stored on your in-house application can be analyzed. You can choose from our analytics engines to perform advanced analytics using your own data.

6.Enroot The Power Of Analytics in Your Organization

Make better business decisions faster backed by experience, hunch and now analytics. Take a step forward to become a data-driven company.


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Platform User management, Data consolidation, Connectors for other applications, API management.
Data Lake Data set analyzed by bodais platform, which are ready to be used statistically.
Analytics Engines Data analytics engines available for different purposes.
Purchasable Data Data sets provided for sales purpose.
Application services (bodais Connect service) Cloud services provided by i’s FACTORY.
Application services (VAR) Cloud services provided by partners.
Application services (User) Private cloud services developed by user companies.

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Developable Applications using bodais analytics engines (examples)

Industry Solution
Finance/Insurance Fraud-detection, Pricing, Customer retention, Credit score
Retail Sales promotion, Demand prediction, Inventory optimization, Merchandising optimization, Defining loyal customer’s persona
Manufacturing Supply chain optimization, Demand prediction, Inventory optimization, Machine failure prediction, Product development
Transport/logistics Scheduling optimization, Yield management, Fuel management
Lodging Pricing optimization, Yield management
Energy Demand prediction, Production prediction, Facility planning, Operation planning
Telecommunications Demand prediction, Maintenance optimization, Customer analysis and segmentation
Contact center Leverage VoC, FAQ management, Outbound call optimization, Auto-recommendation of suggested answers
Media/Entertainment Contents’ needs prediction, Contents’ performance evaluation, CGM analysis
E-commerce Cross-sell/Up-sell (recommend), SEO, Conversion prediction
All industries Supply/Demand prediction, Business performance prediction, Contract risk prediction, Workforce retention, Increasing workforce productivity, Targeting right applicants.

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