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i’s FACTORY Launches Game Version of Sontaku-AI
(Human-friendly AI)
Sontaku-AI series, “Sontaku-AI Reversi” first version website has gone online.

Press Release TOKYO, February 4, 2020

i’s FACTORY co., ltd. has launched the game version of “Sontaku-AI” (Human-friendly AI, AI controlling another AI) as a trial experiment.

“Sontaku-AI” controls game AI by auto-tuning the strength of the game AI to match the level to that of the user, thereby offering a tight, enjoyable game. Furthermore, playing against a game AI which is slightly more advanced than the user will offer an effective training of the game.
Free trial version of Sontaku-AI Reversi:

Service Concept


The current game AI’s are often too strong for novice/intermediate users, thus risking alienating them and providing negative gaming experiences.
In order for humans and AI to happily coexist, AI needs to be human-friendly, non-exclusivist and help motivate humans.
The Japanese government established “Social Principles of Human-Centric AI” in which one of the principles is “The Principle of Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency”.
The principle states: “In an “AI-Ready Society”, it is necessary to ensure fairness and transparency in decision-making, appropriate accountability for the results, and trust in the technology, so that people who use AI are not subject to undue discrimination with regard to personal background, or to unfair treatment in terms of human dignity. “ As an AI company, we strive to make AI human-friendly, while adhering to these principles.

Key Features of the Service

  • Will be applicable to any game AI (Currently applicable to boardgame AI)

Planned Future Development

  • Addition of level assessment
  • Addition of description providing feedback on good/bad movement
  • Application to e-learning services

We continue to develop game AI engines on request.

About the AI Platform “bodais”

Developed by i’s FACTORY, “bodais” is a user-friendly data analytics service with a built-in machine learning feature on cloud. Notable features include an automatic data-cleansing function, which enables a significant reduction of time and effort needed to make raw-data ready to be analyzed, thereby enabling customers to focus more on strategic decision-making and execution. In addition, customers with their own application/analytics engine can connect to bodais via API, adding insight and value to their existing service.
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About i’s FACTORY co., ltd.

Established in April 2000 by a group of mainly Doctors of Science data analysis experts.
Over 300 data analytics projects and development of various analytics engines led to an easy-to-use AI platform “bodais”.
“bodais” has made data analytics accessible to the wider public without the need for expert knowledge and is being used by many companies.
In recent years, the company has provided various services in supporting customers with Digital Transformation (DX) in all areas including collaborative development of an AI engine and services, AI training for customers’ personnel and on-site support for the acceleration of DX.

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