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Information Security Fundamental Policy

i’s FACTORY Co., Ltd. specializes in data mining; therefore, ensuring information security is considered to be an important business priority. As such, it is indispensable to take appropriate safety measures to protect our information asset that we accumulate through our daily business.
We strive to prevent security accidents such as information leakage and falsification by ensuring confidentiality, completeness, and availability of various information assets that we have by establishing and operating an information security management system.
To this end, we adopt the following information security guidelines.

Corporate Guidelines

  1. We clarify the information asset risk through a prescribed procedure and take appropriate measures against such risk to establish an information security management system and achieve its continuous improvement.
  2. We clearly identify the roles and responsibilities regarding information security and appropriately manage information assets.
  3. We conduct educational activities and awareness campaigns for our business managers, employees, and all others involved in our business to make them aware of their responsibility with regard to maintaining information security.
  4. We monitor and record the functioning of the information security management system to ensure reliability of operations. We strive to enhance its certainty and ongoing improvement through appropriate security target setting and its achievement as well as periodic internal audit and management reviews.
  5. In case an issue regarding information security arises, we make utmost effort to clarify the cause, minimize the damages, and secure business continuity.
  6. We comply with laws, other social norms, and contracts with clients regarding information assets and its use.

July 30, 2014
i’s FACTORY Co., Ltd.
CEO, Tomoyasu Ohba