Corporate Policy

Corporate Philosophy

A better future through Mankind’s wisdom

Corporate Guidelines

Five Keys to Success

  • 1.Foresee two steps ahead and achieve it
  • 2.Optimize time, scope, and cost
  • 3.Improve organizational IQ
  • 4.Create a system of virtuous cycle
  • 5.Strive to become a pro, act as a pro


Deliver better chance of success to all

In the coming era, data can be continuously collected once a system is established. To fully utilize collected data and convert them to long-lasting success, however, requires the creation of better products, services, and business flow based on technology, and these, in turn, must be used to promote the cycle of collecting further data.

We automate data analysis using bodais to realize a virtuous cycle of
【Information】 collection,
【Knowledge】 utilization, and
【Wisdom】 creation