Business Overview

Business Overview of i’s FACTORY

bodais Analytics scoring and clustering analytics engine.
Big Data Analytics We will analyze the numerical values, texts, and data of various formats.
We will provide solution to your company’s issues through professional data mining.
Creating Data Analytics Report A report will be created by analyzing the company’s data, publicly disclosed data, web data, etc.
We will also develop a system for automated reporting.
Building Analytical Models We will build the most appropriate model for solving your issues.
The created model can be incorporated into the in-house system.
Onsite Support We will provide onsite analytics support for data that cannot be taken out of the company.
Please consult us about handling confidential data.
Developing Analytics Engine We customize and provide various analytics engines in accordance with the issues to be solved.
WEB Development with Analytics Function We conduct development work by incorporating the analytics function into the WEB system. You can leave it to us from the planning stage to the actual operation.