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bodais for kintone

Using the data accumulated on the Kintone’s “Business card (lead) list” application, targeting score is predicted.

Kintone bodais“The Five Values”

1. No In-House Data Scientist? No Problem!

Usually if you need to perform advanced analytics you need a data scientist with knowledges of statistics, computer science and business. bodais rids the need for a specialist to perform analytics.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Sales Activities

By making clear which business cards (leads) should be prioritized, you can greatly reduce unnecessary cold calls and improve the effectiveness of your sales team by standardizing the sales activities irrespective of one’s sales acumen.

3. Visualize the Asset Value of Your Leads

You can visualize which business cards bear potential values for your company’s profitability. Consequently, the asset value of the business cards that your company has will be made clear to you.

4. Measures to Obtain Business Cards Become Clear

You can estimate which companies’ business cards will bring most value to your organization, making it easier for you to plan the strategies for obtaining new cards.

5. Same results for everyone

Analytics tools or services often require advanced knowledge, and the results are dependent on the ability of the analyst.
With bodais, everyone gets the same result.

bodais for kintone

Kintone bodaisOutput Example

Targeting List (Priority Ranking)

A score (win rate) will be assigned to each business card. This will clarify which business cards should be given priority and acted upon, and you can greatly reduce unnecessary sales activities.

Score Distribution (Business Card Value)

Score distribution of all business cards within your organization is visualized. The overall quality of owned leads in terms of likelihood to convert can be read from this graph.

Effectiveness Indicator (Factors Influencing Win Rate)

You will be able to quantitatively visualize which variables on the business cards have higher probability of winning opportunities.

Score Transition by Month

Changes in scores (win rate) are shown on a monthly basis. You can check if your sales activities and lead generating policy is coming to fruition.

Analysis Detail/Business Card Comparison per Account

Detailed information for each business card is given, and you can compare the score for all leads in the same company. You can target ones with the higher score for the better chance of closing a deal.

Data Verification Histogram

You can grasp the data volume of variables that are closely related to obtaining winning opportunities. This can be utilized as an important indicator for deepening relationship with the potential customer.

Intra-Company Comparison (Number of Accounts/ Business Cards, Average Win Rate)

You can compare each sales staff in your company by the number of business cards (or number of accounts) and win rate of opportunities represented by a graph.
In doing so, individual sales performance and efficiency (number of business cards divided by the number of won opportunities) is visualized.

Comparison with Other Companies (Number of Accounts/ Business Cards, Average Win Rate)

The number of business cards owned, and the average win rate of other companies that use the same service can be compared with the performance of your organization.
You can see the status of your organization in an objective manner, and the right goal can be set to obtain new business cards.

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