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bodais for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Using standard data on Dynamics CRM, probability of opportunities arising from leads and that opportunity being won will be predicted.

MicrosoftDynamicsCRM bodais”The Five Values”

1. Reduction of Unnecessary Sales Activities

Move away from past activities that relied on experience and hunch. By clarifying the leads and transaction opportunities that are to be prioritized regardless of the sales experiences and skills, you can standardize (or raise) the levels of activities of your sales personnel and greatly reduce unnecessary customer calls.

2. Utilize the Probability of Winning Opportunities

Too much time would be wasted if every opportunities are given the same sales efforts. By visualizing which opportunity have higher probability of winning, you can now make it clear which opportunities should be given priority.

3. Understand What is Necessary to Win Opportunities

The factors that greatly contribute to winning opportunities are made clear. Likewise, the factors have adverse effects are also made clear.
As a result, each opportunity will be properly evaluated, and appropriate sales guidance would be given.

4. Improved Accuracy of Sales Forecast

You can standardize the levels of the activities of your sales team and reduce unnecessary customer calls regardless of their experiences and skills, leading to greatly enhanced sales effectiveness. As a result, a good sales pipeline would be formed, and the accuracy of sales forecast will be improved.

5. No In-House Data Scientist? No Problem!

Usually if you need to perform advanced analytics you need a data scientist with knowledges of statistics, computer science and business-not with bodais!

The Culmination of Over 300 Analytics Projects

Automatically Evolving Data Analytics Platform

MicrosoftDynamicsCRM bodaisOutput Example

Score List of Opportunities

Winning probabilities of each opportunities will be given. You can standardize the sales activities and greatly reduce unnecessary customer calls regardless of the experiences and skills of your sales personnel by clarifying which opportunities you should prioritize in your sales activities.

Score Distribution

By ranking all the opportunities according to its score (winning probability), you can check the position of your specific opportunity. Consequently, the priority order of your sales activities can be confirmed.

Prediction of Winning Probability

Win rate is given to every opportunity record, and it continuously changes as the result of ongoing sales activities. This can be confirmed at any time in the details page of each opportunity record.

Score Transition by Month

Changes in scores (winning probability) are shown on a monthly basis. By checking if the case at hand should be prioritized, you can improve the efficiency of your sales team.

Factors Influencing Win Rate

You can visualize which factors give strong influence to winning opportunities. Quantitative representation will help the sales reps to share common decision-making standards and will also form the proper picture of the pipeline.

Data Verification Histogram

You can understand the data volume for variables that are closely related to wining opportunities. The important parameters for deepening relationships with the other party can be confirmed.

Productivity Comparison per Sales Staff

You can compare the number of opportunities owned and the winning rate per sales staff, and see who the star performer is.

Other available outputs:

  • Sales report per month (Actual/Forecast)
  • Opportunity statuses and win rate per month
  • Predicted win rate per opportunity and recommended sales activity
  • Over view of opportunities/predicted win rate per lead
  • Last month’s number of won opportunities and number of sales activities per sales staff
  • Total sales activity value (Actual/Forecast)
  • Histograms for every winning factors

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