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Pick-Up Videos

What is DX and where do I start? These videos are recommended specifically for those who are facing challenges in promoting DX projects. Please take a look here first.

How to Promote DX


Introducing CRISP-DM, a cross-industry standard process that is a step towards leveraging data in your business.

Outline of Data Utilization in Business
CRISP-DM Data Mining Training


Here, products that can be learned while actually experiencing them are introduced for those who are interested in data utilization and data science. Instructors with abundant education and training experience will introduce the essential data utilization for DX while using bodais.

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Human Resources Development How to Use the HR Development  Operating Company
Data Analysis How to Use the Data  Operating Company
System How to Use the System  Operating Company
Apps How to Use the Apps  Operating Company
Technology Research How to Use the R&D  Operating Company
How to Use the R&D How to Use the Company Management Operating Company
Information    How to Use the Information Operating Company
Touchpoints    How to Use the Touchpoints Operating Company
touchpoint    How to Use the touchpoint Operating Company




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